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For Male Fertility, Can Be Better Proved Bet of Coffee

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For Male Fertility, Can Be Better Proved Bet of Coffee


Jakarta, male fertility influenced many aspects, from age to physical health condition. Most recent research shows, drinks also have an influence. Men who consume beer more fertile than when the consumption of coffee. Some scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston looked at the routine of drinking 105 men with an average age of 37 years. All men in this study with their partners performed a tube baby procedure in Massachusetts on th. 2007 through 2013. The results of the assessment show that some men who consumed 22 g of alcohol daily had 2 times greater chance to have children through the IVF program. Although controversial, consuming alcohol in the middle size is much associated with health. "" Whatever is good for your heart, it is good for your fertility, "" said Dr Anatte Karmon, an obstetrician from Massachusetts General Hospital, taken from The Telegraph on Tuesday (21/10/2014). In contrast, assessment of men who consumed caffeine consumption showed the opposite effect. Consume 265 mg of caffeine or the equivalent of 2 cups of thick coffee, the opportunity to have children thinning. Reduce consumption to less than 1 cup of bsia increase once again to 52% chance. "Consuming high caffeine in men seems to reduce the chance of couples to get a clinical pregnancy, while consuming alcohol in men increases the chance," "Dr Anatte concluded. (up / vit)



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